Gynecomastia - Milwaukee, WI

Male Breast Reduction with Liposuction — Patient 85

24 year old man | 5’7″ | 215 lbs.

This man was unhappy with the prominence and size of his chest; he did not like that his chest/breast fullness could be seen beneath t-shirts and other thin clothing. Despite exercising he was unable to see improvement in the shape of his chest. His exam showed a mild amount of excess fat in the anterior chest and breast, along the lateral border of the pectoralis muscle, and along the lateral chest wall. His skin quality was good without stretch marks or laxity. Three week post-operative photographs show the results of power-assisted liposuction of the breast, the anterior chest, and the lateral chest. Approximately 175cc of fat was aspirated from each breast.

A very nice early result is seen in these pictures.

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