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cleavage-leanBecause breast augmentation is one of our specialities, we know this operation has a profound effect on how a woman feels about herself. Breast enhancement means different things to different women, but it’s not about vanity. Instead, breast augmentation is a about finding the shape that is missing in your life….fitting into your clothes….feeling like a woman….and improving your self confidence. If you are unhappy with how your breasts look, you owe it to yourself to consider breast augmentation and explore your options. When you do, you will learn why most women say it is the best decision they have ever made…. and for us, that experience is something we love to be a part of.

Dr. Dembny takes a special interest in breast enhancement surgeries. He has dedicated many hours honing his skills and caring for patients interested in breast enlargement, breast lift, and breast revision surgery. Dr Dembny’s honest approach and attention to detail have won the praises of many of his patients. If you are interested in enhancing your breast size and shape we suggest you visit Dr. Dembny’s website specifically dedicated to breast implants and breast augmentation surgery. This information will serve as a valuable resource as you begin your journey toward a more fulfilling shape.



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Dr. Dembny,
I just wanted to tell you how happy I am with my whole experience. Your staff is wonderful. You are a very knowledgeable doctor, and I am grateful for all the time you spent with me. My results are fantastic! I couldn’t be happier. You have restored my confidence. Thank you so much!

Jennifer E.

35 years old, Milwaukee, WI

Breast Augmentation with Round, Moderate Profile Silicone Gel Breast Implants

Breast-Augmentation-Round-Silicone-Gel-286ccThis 44 year old woman (5´5″ tall | weight 132 lbs) in her words, had “always been small”, and had been considering breast enlargement for several years. A friend who had an augmentation three years earlier convinced her to schedule a consultation to learn more. Pre-operatively she wore a 34B-cup. Photographs taken 14 months after a subpectoral augmentation with smooth, round, moderate profile 286cc silicone gel breast implants show a 34D-cup result.
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Breast Augmentation with Round, Moderate Profile Saline Breast Implants

drdembny-191-breast-augmentation-saline-APThis 36 year old woman (5´6″ tall | weight 125 lbs) wore a B-cup and wanted to enhance her breast volume and shape. Five month post-operative photographs show the results after a subpectoral augmentation with smooth, round, moderate profile 300cc saline-filled breast implants. She is thrilled with her 36C-cup bra.
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