April’s Breast Augmentation Patient Experience Story


I wasn’t looking to become a buxom person; I just wanted to be what I once was.

I have always been an athlete so my small B- /full A-cup breasts did not bother me. They fit me, my appearance, and my lifestyle. And I really appreciated my original size while I was nursing my kids and I swelled up to a small D. I decided that large breasts were not for me as I was uncomfortable with their weight and their appearance.

But then I stopped nursing, and after my second child, my breasts were no longer the small, yet properly formed and placed breasts they once were. They were pretty non-existent and not in the proper place. At first I could joke about it, but the more I lived with it, the more dissatisfied I became. I wasn’t looking to become a buxom person; I just wanted to be what I once was. It was a surprising thought to me to consider plastic surgery as I was always one who believed you should be happy with what you have and you shouldn’t let your physicality determine your self worth. And that’s great, but when I wasn’t comfortable letting my husband (who has been my partner for the last 17 years of my life) see me naked, that’s a problem. It would not matter how much time I spent in the gym – getting my pre-nursing breasts back was not something I could do without surgery.

So I went to a consultation and spoke with some friends who had done the surgery as well, and it was decided that I would do it. And I am extremely happy. No one can tell that I had anything done because they are incredibly natural looking, I just carry myself with more confidence now – particularly in a swimsuit and tank tops. I hated the fact that my post-baby belly stuck out further than my breasts, and now they no longer do. My belly is not as flat as it once was, but I feel more womanly now that the top of my body fits the lower part.

I have only positive things to say about my experience and am actually passing along Dr. Dembny’s name to a friend because she is impressed with the overall positivity I’ve had from it too.  I feel completely comfortable with my decision to go forth with the surgery and more comfortable in my body now because of it.